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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 30, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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at this time tomorrow night we'll be live in times square for our broadcast, hope you will tune in, and coming up on "hannity." reince priebus is not happy with that other network. have a great night, everybody. and welcome to "hannity." tonight we are in the heart of times square in the fox sports broadcast tower, home of this year's super bowl. we have a jam-packed edition of the show. america, are you ready to rock? >> sean hannity says as soon as i can get out i'm leaving. >> begging me to stay in new york, jon stewart. >> stay, wouldn't you stay? >> the question is, should i.
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rand paul says things are just fine in the gop, but is it really true? and we'll show you the scarlett johansson commercial that was banned from super bowl sunday. plus, another edition of ask sean coming your way. >> they can ask me anything and i don't know the questions ahead of time. digging up your questions, you ask, i answer. i'm six for six, the last two weekends, we'll see, joe. we're on. >> and it is "hannity" versus joe theisman. and it appears the host of jon stewart actually really likes me. >> sean hannity is disgusted,
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disgusted at the new york mayor's intolerance. we must keep him. but how? nathan? >> sean, we know you're mad at us. and you have every right to be. occupy wall street, governor cuomo, the weird smell. new york has made a lot of big mistakes but we're going to change, just please stay. >> stay. >> stay. >> we can't lose you. >> stay. >> yo, sean, you can't leave, we need you, dog. >> the city debates on you, sean, we'll give you the perks you deserve. >> we'll name a street after reagan. we'll name them all after reagan. >> worried about your commute home? no problem. >> please, stay. >> stay. >> stay. >> stay. >> stay! stay mr. hannity stay ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ what do we do if he goes away?
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>> who will we tax if his money is gone? who will we impose socialism upon ♪ stay in your first and second home don't disappear forever ♪ please mr. hannity please appeal to your vanity ♪ keep your friends on the far right. >> all right, how could i possibly leave? anyway, joining me with reaction, my friends from "the five". >> isn't that fantastic? a whole broadway production begging you to stay. >> begging me to stay. >> what was your answer? >> well, i'm thinking about it, putting aside the false c caricature, how about inviting jon stewart to move with me? he would have a better life down
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there, more money in his pocket. >> as neighbors? >> no, no, no, he could live in some other town. he doesn't have to live in the same town, what do you think? >> i don't think you could get that many people to tell jon stewart to stay. >> he will have fun for you. >> and if you take people that ruin states like new york, new jersey, illinois and california that are highly taxed and regulated then they go to texas or florida and ruin those states. >> you want them to stay here. >> you said look if you keep doing this stuff, i'm going to have to leave. meanwhile, there is an ad that runs across the country. not just new york. across the country, california, kansas, everywhere. come to new york, and we'll give you ten years of tax-free business, no taxes for businesses. >> i have seen the ad. >> why don't they do it here? >> exactly. >> then you would stay, right? >> no, i don't know, at this point, i don't know. all right, you know, one of the things that drives me crazy and this is not just new york but other states.
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jimmy kimmel did a bit about the streets of new york. what do you think about the speech? the problem is he is asking people before the speech was actually given. watch the spin. >> we asked pedestrians of what they thought of president obama's speech. of course there is no possible way they could have seen the speech but it hadn't happened yet. but that didn't stop the folks from weighing in. >> what did you think about the state of the union last night? >> it was awesome, i loved it. >> do you think joe biden embarrassed himself last night? >> very much so. >> what do you think about faking the heart attack? >> that was more for shock value. not sympathy or what have you. but just -- >> i mean, yeah, he did get shocked when they brought the defibrillator. it cancels out how many well-educated people vote. >> and it was disturb iing when they said yes, the
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defibrillator. i mean, it is funny when you watch it. the jimmy kimmel pieces are very clever. but what about the apathy, it is a similar theme that people don't pay attention and know the politics and the issues and then they're misinformed and they vote. >> but the street, in l.a., you're going to get stuff like that. >> how about new york? >> it is a great comedy bit. how about that state of the union last night? what do you think? >> what do you think about the president, very specific? >> i want to be on tv so bad you know what -- >> is it that or that they don't want to seem like they're not informed. >> that is the thing, too, funny, funny, you get a cringe moment, because you feel bad for these people and anyone that know them. >> every one of them called every one of their friends, saying check it out. i'm on kimmel.
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>> i'm an idiot on kimmel. >> sort of like leno with jaywalking. all right, i interview cruz and rand paul together at the state of the union. we're actively involved, i asked particularly, rand paul, he said oh, it is water under the bridge with chris christie. let's roll the tape. >> both of you have had an intramural struggle with republicans. you invited chris christie to a barbecue -- >> oh, it is all under the bridge. >> we're all getting together now. >> no pun intended. >> water under the bridge. christie, he does the bear hug with obama but wouldn't sit down and have a beer with rand paul. how about -- >> that was smooth. very nice. you know, who knows? we have a super bowl happening in a couple of days over here.
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>> are you going to the super bowl? >> i'm going to the super bowl. >> he is going with beckel. >> he doesn't know yet. >> it is a surprise. >> you're going to give him a ticket. going to go to the super bowl. >> and a golf cart. >> i'll be watching. >> there is a bridge that goes from the parking lot to the stadium. is christie going to close that bridge? >> if he knows your coming with the statements you made lately? it is highly likely. >> i can't let you guys go without predictions, i'm going with the broncos. >> i'm going with the broncos, i want the seahawks to go down, like they did with my 49ers. >> i am going to be donning a seahawks jersey on "the five" tomorrow. and i'm all for free speech. >> is this really happening? >> is this really happening? >> i am. >> so he is equating the word "thug" with the "n" word.
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>> the rest of the stuff i'm all for it. >> how many sports fields -- kimberly was a softball player, you're a ball player. >> i'm a hockey player. >> you win, you trash talk a little bit. >> you're going with the seahawks? >> dinner. >> you got it. >> all right. >> i go with the winner. it is a peyton manning destiny here, all right coming up later on "hannity." >> yeah, you doing it, changing the world one sip at a time. >> sorry, coke and pepsi. >> all right, the super bowl commercial controversy has now begun. so why was that ad banned? we'll take a look at some of the most memorable sunday commercials, super bowl commercials and i'll tell you my all-time favorite then. all right, joe theisman says i need a little work on my throwing the football. we'll go outside with a lesson,
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. and welcome back to "hannity." and here we are on super bowl boulevard in times square in new york city. everybody is gearing up for the big game, the commercials are starting to leak, you wouldn't see all of them in the game. take a look at the original version of the soda stream ad
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which has been banned from being played in the super bowl, watch this. >> like most actors my real job is saving the world. start with clean water and bubbles, mix in the perfect flavor. look, soda that is better for you and all of us, less sugar and less bottles. if only i can make this message go viral. >> you're doing it scarlett. yeah, changing the world one sip at a time. >> sorry, coke and pepsi. >> oh, yeah she has done it. >> now, the commercial was banned because of the line "sorry coke and pepsi." now, sodastream has been an advertiser on my radio show for many years, and i love my sodastream. here to analyze -- you have to give them credit for being
7:15 pm
gutsy, i like the shot. >> the shot is the brand, they're going up coke and pepsi, and not just with anything, they have a real message, it's healthy. more environmentally friendly but not using all the plastic bottles. >> i have a machine at home and gave one to bob beckel. seriously, i drink diet root beer. >> you're making it yourself. and this is not the first year they were banned. they were banned last year when they tried to run an ad. and hey, it is doing them all the good in the world. they're getting the pr attention, a million people watch it on youtube already. >> all right, let's go to godaddy, they get into controversy, and they get a lot of extra air play beside the super bowl ad where the ad actually runs. take a look at their montage. >> what exactly will you be doing on this commercial? >> i can do a routine where i
7:16 pm
went like this. >> surely you must realize you're upsetting the committee. >> i'm sorry, i didn't mean to upset the committee. >> go daddy! ♪ go daddy ♪ go daddy ♪ go daddy ♪ >> everybody wants to work my marketing. >> the sexy side represented by bar rafaele, and the smart side represented by walter. together, they're perfect. >> i bet she got paid a lot of money -- what? they get attention. >> they get a lot of attention, this is the tenth year they have been getting attention. they're getting us to talk about it. we're looking at it. and not only one they're the
7:17 pm
number one registration company in the world. it is $4 million, but you get 100 million people watching it. plus, all the people talking about it and watching it on the web. >> all right, we have a preview. it will feature a woman who quits her job during the super bowl. let's take a look at this year's. >> let's talk about dreams. and the people who choose to pursue them. like [ bleep ], she is a real person with a real dream of starting her very own business. she has a message from her boss. >> you know, take this job and -- so is he going to do it live? great idea. >> yes, fantastic idea. go daddy has grown up. no longer women sex objects, they're now smart successful business owners who are going to quit their jobs by starting a company and first getting their website on go daddy. >> what do you say to women who are scantily dressed, what do
7:18 pm
you say to them? >> it is, it gets attention, they're paid a lot of money. >> in our country, nobody is forcing them, they get a job -- i have an ad that is my favorite super bowl one of all time, do you know which one it is? >> i do, this is 1979. mean joe green, the coke ad, throw in the jersey, this is the best. >> mr. green, mr. green? >> yeah. >> you need any help? >> huh-uh. >> i just want you to know i think -- i think -- you'rebest >> yeah, sure. want my coke? it's okay. you can have it. >> no, no. >> really, you can have it. okay. a coke and a smile ♪ ♪
7:19 pm
makes me feel good ♪ makes me feel nice ♪ >> see you around. >> hey, kid. thank thanks. >> i like mean joe! >> how could you not love that ad? >> it holds up today. they could run it today. it has just as much emotion and power. it does great story telling and weaves the brand into the commercial selling coke and the emotion. >> all right, thank you so much for being here. thank you, good to be here. and still ahead on "hannity." last year's super bowl champ, matt burke, they're here next with their predictions. by the way, you don't want to miss that. we'll also see you on the roof of the fox sports times square
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headquarteri headquartering -- headquarters. and downstairs throwing the football with the crowd next. [ tires screech ] [ car alarm chirps ] ♪
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>> i was not even going to bring it up. >> i know you were not, but i thought i would take care of it. congratulations on good choices. >> all right, we're in the middle of times square -- are they in the super bowl? and i'm here with two-time super bowl quarterback joe theismann, and of course matt burke, all pro winners, the seven choices that lead to winners. >> we're going to spend some time. first of all, so i'm six for six, and the last two weeks -- you're 0 for 6, you're the football guy. how did i get it right? >> you had luck. >> you have to be careful because fate sometimes swings a different way. so we're even going to disagree on the super bowl. >> why not? we disagreed in the last three weeks. >> i'm taking seattle in this one. obviously, i think i know who you like -- >> who is going with denver?
7:25 pm
any seattle guys here? i got one -- i think i got you. now, you played last year? >> i did. >> and what is that day like? you're there, you have a two-week build-up, everybody is talking about it, media day, your family. >> two weeks just seems like two years. you just want the game to come and especially during the week you're in the super bowl town, and all the media and hoopla, you just try to make it about the game. i just focused on the task at hand. because once that ball is kicked off even though the stage is huge, it is just football. >> the funny thing is i don't get nervous doing radio or tv, i'm on the air, and then i was at the white house, and all of a sudden it had a little sense of urgency that you don't normally. you played two super bowls? >> well, winning one is
7:26 pm
euphoric, i agree with matt, the two weeks gets longer, the super bowl, there is too much time to think about it. you want tomorrow to be game day. friday to be game day. the thing you don't want to get is stale going into the game. he is absolutely right. once the game is kicked off for everybody except the fans, another football game. but the fans and media all make it so big. for us on the field it is a game of football. >> so you're focusing like you are on any other game. once the ball is kicked it is in your head. >> i would be lying to you if you told you it was not a bigger stage. i looked at the goal line and didn't want to embarrass myself on national television, so i looked at the goal line and didn't want to trip over it. so i did a little hop over it. the last thing i wanted to see myself doing was face down. then you throw.
7:27 pm
>> you're back to work. you hike the ball, he has a problem. joe theismann says he watches me throw the football on "hannity" every night and says i need a little work. >> a little work. >> so what are we going to do here. >> all right, here you go, grip it. >> my grip is good. >> your grip is good. middle finger is above it. >> i should be able to hold it with my pinky. and you got a little air underneath it. that is good. the delivery -- >> i was a pitcher. so i go more this way. you say -- >> throwing the baseball is basically inside. throwing a football you snap your wrist counterclockwise. >> like a tennis serve, like this -- >> you want it where your arm goes. >> i was a pitcher, bad rotator cuff --
7:28 pm
>> i'm sorry, is there an excuse here? >> there you go. now -- >> no, no, not up here. it's too close. get it away from your body so you can get it going a little bit. there you go. all right, put a little arc on it. there you go. that is a good one. all right, go across. there you go. all right, away from your body a little bit. better. better. you snap it back. that is the way to do it. there you go. >> you think i can play in the nfl? >> no, but you're doing a really great job. no, too close to your body. come on, focus, sean, focus, you can do it. >> are you guys ready? >> snap your wrist, a little further away. going back out there. >> here we are. >> now, that was excellent. >> i think i'm going to end on that note. >> you are a whiz, the best we're going to get. >> let's give it up. one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. that was awesome. thank you. >> thank you, sean. you want to have a throwing
7:29 pm
contest? >> no. >> now, before we go. who wants a football? all right, see, you throw the spiral. >> yeah, i'm throwing the spiral. >> get this on camera. one more. there it is. all right. all right? anyway, that is it. we're going back inside. a lot more on "hannity" coming up straight ahead on times square and the fox sports theater. this is the quicksilver cash back card from capital one. it's not the "juggle a bunch of rotating categories" card. it's not the "sign up for rewards each quarter" card. it's the no-games, no-messing-'round, no-earning-limit-having, do-i-look-like-i'm-joking, turbo-boosting, heavyweight-champion- of-the-world cash back card. thiss the quicksilver cash back card from capital one. unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere, every single day.
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you're an emailing, texting, master of the digital universe. but do you protect yourself? ♪ apparently not. when you access everything, you give everyone access to everything about you. but that's ok. while you do your thing... [ alert rings ] wel be here at lifelock, doing our thing. watching out for things your credit card alone can't. [ alert rings ] and relentlessly protecting your identity. get lifelock protection and live life free. [ alert rings ] and welcome back to "hannity," all right, you have been posting your questions for me all day on facebook and twitter using the hash tag @asksean. and tonight here are the
7:34 pm
questions which you have asked to see. i heard after we did it last week, you and i missed it. what happened? >> well, i started asking more questions and they were more like which mortician -- >> oh, no. >> we love the eye man. but our goal tonight since you just revealed to the world that you drink diet root beer is to retrieve your man card. >> i prefer coke, but i'm trying not to be -- >> now you're backtracking, okay, are you ready? let's start with the questions, kyle wants to know did you play sports in high school? >> i did, sports, not politics. sports was my love and passion, i played everything. >> but clearly not football because i saw you in the green room trying to throw the football. >> well, i was a pitcher in baseball, i played a lot of ice hockey, played basketball, soccer, baseball for the high school. and that is all i did. that is all i cared about in my
7:35 pm
spare time was sports. >> i found out you had your own hair last week. but if you played hockey, are those your real teeth? >> here is the bottom line, i was the only one that didn't have my teeth knocked out. until i fell off a roof. and dislocated part of it here, i was doing roofing construction, literally. it was separate. but i put it back in myself. but i busted up all of my bottom teeth, so they are caps. >> okay, well they look great. and i won't put my hand in your mouth. >> how refreshing. i want to move on, you play tennis, who is your favorite tennis player and how is your game lately? >> my game is better, my shoulder is better, i played hockey, i fell once and knocked out my rotator, too much information. on the woman's side i love sere serena. >> oh, god, she is amazing. >> but also, maria sharapova and
7:36 pm
azarenka. and courier, and then of course i love nadal's heart and federer is an artist. >> we're going to go to the u.s. open together. >> i have seats at the box. >> well, aren't you a bragger? i'm going to talk about the state of the union, as long as we hit all of the questions. was anyone rude or snubbed you at the state of the union? >> even sheila jackson, everybody was awesome. >> and i have to believe somebody briefs -- for example, willy and corey fromdynasty wer >> we got a picture of that, by the way. well, let's show it. it was ted cruz, senator cruz,
7:37 pm
newt and calista gingrich. at ruth chris steak house. >> i invited everybody as my guest. we went to dinner. and louie gohmert. i'm a loser, you know that. i'm a hermit, i rarely go out. all i do is work and hang out with my kids on the tennis court. but i've been going out lately and having the time of my life. this dinner was so unique and special and so fun. i loved willy and corey and cruz was so great. >> that was one of the questions, overall the best part of your trip. would you say it was the dinner? >> there were amazing moments. newt got up at one point and said something so deep and profound. and i said something not nearly as deep and profound. you know how duck dynasty, they
7:38 pm
pray at the end of the show. willy said a prayer and it was like the coolest thing that happened. it was just like i was at the robertson's at dinner at the end of their show. it was amazing. >> that is special, i'm curious about this. you were at the state of the union. how many of the representatives and the senators do you think had plastic surgery? because some of them look a little tight. i mean the men, i'm not talking about the women. >> i just missed nancy pelosi, i was going to say. i'm not saying she had it. i would never suggest such a thing. but greta had me on her show that night and literally i missed the former speaker by like 30 seconds. and she said she did it on purpose so we didn't run into each other. >> all right, one quick thing, rosemary wants to know if you would consider going one-on-one with bob beckel? and i can answer that, watch the show on monday. >> one-on-one on what? the sports, i crushed it. did you see the picture of him when he crashed the golf cart
7:39 pm
into a tree? that is last week, amazing. >> so you get out more? >> i'm going up, getting out of my hermit stage. >> all right, i think you got your man card back. >> all right, i love hannity. i really like the guy. >> yeah, we don't talk to him. we just go in and look at our feet. >> i would hate to see him at 5:30 grunting. and diedre, i can't conceive why that woman married him. >> they're a lovely company. >> lovely. >> thank you, send your questions, she will ask them. coming up, my exclusive interview with rnc chairman reince priebus, and earlier he called for a boycott of the news until they apologized for a disgusting racist tweet. he got what he wanted, but was it enough? also, mayor rudy giuliani, how
7:40 pm
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all right, nbc news, they did it again, now last night the left wing network hosted a highly offensive tweet aimed at the conservative gop. saying well, maybe the right wing will hate it, but everybody else will go aww. the biracial commercial, and then they linked this. >> you know how our family has daddy and mommy. >> and me? >> yeah, that is right. pretty soon, you're going to have a baby brother.
7:45 pm
>> and? a puppy. >> deal. >> now, eventually msnbc apologized for the tweet. and they also said well, that was not going to be enough. so rnc's chairman, reince priebus, earlier today he banned his staff from appearing or showing on the network. now, it took all day but the apology finally came. and that was issued today. joining me now, reince priebus of the rnc, and chairman, welcome to the program, glad you're with us. >> thank you, sean, appreciate it. let's go through it. you demanded the apology -- who is the head or leader of that propaganda firm? >> yeah, phil griffin and you
7:46 pm
got the apology, where does it stand now? >> well, in their professed world of tolerance, they're hitting all eight cylinders of intolerance. they started with melissa perry, and then the comments from martin bashir, about sarah palin. one of the comments was the physical disabilities of the soldier hero from tuesday night and using that as a political statement. so here is what we did. this tweet came last night and first thing in the morning i called mr. griffin, left a message. sent him a letter saying that we are not going to allow any of our surrogates or myself and all the other world of republican surrogates on the show, until they one, apologize, and number two, did something of some corrective action on their shows to take some action. now, to his credit, mr. griffin, to his credit, pretty quickly, number one, publicly apologized. and he also took corrective
7:47 pm
action and some administrative action. i never talked to mr. griffin until today. so i had that conversation and he took that action. >> now, let me play this for you. i think actually you have shown a lot of patience up until this point and for example especially on the issue of race. let's play a little montage for you and remind you of some of the things that said prior to this incident. >> the return to something like jim crow days. >> the word was conceived by a group of wealthy white men who needed a way to put themselves above and apart from a black man. you all know the word i'm talking about. obamacare. >> when mrs. palin talks of slavery, he confirms that if anybody applieies for a dose of thomas thistlewood, she deserves
7:48 pm
a dose. >> and this right wing slut, what is her name, laura ingraham? yeah, she is a talk slut. >> especially on the word of the race card if anybody disagrees with president obama he pretty much labels them a racist. that is standard operating procedure there. >> yeah, it is pretty disgusting stuff. and maybe you're right. maybe it took too long. i understand and quite frankly i've been a part of many of these comments. but nothing like what you just played. and you know, i can take it. that is what you get when you're chairman of the party. but some of these things that are done about families and people's appearance and gender, race. blanket statements about people on the right side of our party, i'm just not going to stand up as chairman of the party and take it. so this was a first step. the first time i talked to mr. griffin. he reacted pretty quickly. and now we have to stay on top of it. so you know what? it is sort of like being on
7:49 pm
probation, i guess. but the fact of the matter is we're here, we're watching them and it is our responsibility and mine in particular, i think also to stand up for our party. and so that is what i did today. and i'll do it again. so i promise you that. >> one has to wonder what brian williams and tom brokaw and even matt lauer think of their news brand the way it has been demolished -- >> they don't have a problem painting every republican with a broad brush, and msnbc, and all this poison, we had had to call them out on it. >> all right, thank you, reince priebus, and could another republican be running in 2016? jeb bush is keeping the door open. >> and growing concerns over security at this sunday's super bowl. that is all straight ahead. [ sneezes, coughs ] i'veot a big date, but my sinuses are acting up. it's te for advil cold and sinus.
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welcome back to "hannity" in times square, new york story. jeb bush rumored to be potential presidential candidate in 2016. yesterday when asked about the possibility this is what he said. >> i'm deferring to the decision to late yefr this year and the decision will be based on can i do it joy fully? and is it right for the family? >> now, governor bush addressed comments made by his mother former first lady barbara bush who said she hopes her son does not run. watch this. >> yes. she promised me she won't keep saying this. but she's 89 years old if you have elderly parents you know they speak their minds. >> here with reaction is former new york city mayor, rudy giuliani. what does this look like to you?
7:55 pm
>> dreamland i remember this place before i porn, drug dealers. 93 filled >> now it's fabulous. it truly is the cross roads of the world thchl is the center. >> you should have this set every night. >> i hope you're listening and i'm with you. i'd love to do it. we had fun with the football. is jeb, does he have difficulties because his dad and brother were president? >> he's remarkably well qualified. if you had to ask me would i be comfortable with the president of the united states? yes. i known him a long, long time. everybody has difficulties. we can go through all ten candidates on each side they have pluses, minuses. >> i don't think there is one on democratic side she has some of the same
7:56 pm
problems the name, been around a long time. >> i mean jeb is a exceptional guy. i mean, this is a really talented guy. so, i hope he's a candidate. because it would give the country i think we have good choices the competitiveness would improve the field a lot.. >> i was watching fox's coverage on new year's eve. kimberly was on with bob beckel and ainsley earhardt was there. behind us, packed wall to wall the ball dropped. you did it for eight years >> fabulous. >> as i'm watching it, because i've been in news so long, you're worried. >> tension of doing in 2000 was incredible. we had threats of terrorist attacks. they cancelled the celebration in several cities fbi police went back and forth whether we should have it. we'd check out man hole covers below.
7:57 pm
and when i went on stage to do that one, it's one of the times i thought if they wanted to take me out they'd shoot me from up there. but look. anything can happen, you've got the best police department in the world patrolling this. a great police commissioner, bill bratton. >> i agree, but now it's super bowl. then, olympics in sochi. i know security has been a top concern. >> it was my business. >> still is. >> is it dangerous lessened after 9-11? >> it's one you don't think of like boston marathon. look, nobody can give a 100% guarantee this, and new jersey. they've been working on this 3, 45 years. kelly, now bratton. all the people in new jersey. chris
7:58 pm
christie. >> there are snipers in the stadium? >> a lot of them. we had world series and world cup. we have a lot of these situations. sochi is a different story. it's one of the worst tinneder boxes in the world some of the worst terrorists in the world if you can grade them, they're right near the top. putin has security. he's got 100,000 troops more than we've had in afghanistan protecting the thing. so but these people are going to want to challenge him k they get within the ring? >> what about that jihadist lady? >> one person can fool you. i think it's going to be safe within the ring. my fear is will they try something in st. petersberg? moscow? planes coming in?
7:59 pm
this is safe as safe as you're going to be in the modern world. that one, you've got to have questions bit. >> most-important question i have, are you go together super bowl? who are you pick something >> i am going. couldn't miss one in new york. we may never have another one in new york. hoping giants and jets. >> would have been ideal. >> neither happened. >> so here is what i'm doing. two evenly matched time. i think it's peyton. >> i agree. >> i think it's the experience factor. two evenly matched teams and one quarterback is a world class quarterback been there twice before that usually counts for something. by 2, 3 points... >> we'll agree. >> and may be a running game. >> we'll see. >> mr. mayor, thank you g to see you. >> unfortunately that is all the time we have left this evening. before we go, right now stop all you're doing. it's time to set your dvr and record "hannity"
8:00 pm
the series so you never miss an episode at 10:00 p.m . also, start your day each weekday morning with fox and friends first. see you back here tomorrow night. 7:00 eastern. don't miss it. good night, everybody. "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight -- >> you know how a family has daddy and mommy? >> and me. >> yeah, that's right. >> that very benign super bowl commercial is turned into a racial attack. not very nice. we'll tell you about it. mr. president, we probably be better off with you cutting your presidency off right now. just quit. >> some black americans are angry with president obama but not most. we'll analyze a very controversial situation. also tonight, pro-pot ads outside the super bowl stadium


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